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Integrated Pest Management for Schools

As an NJDEP licensed company, American Pest Control can keep schools free of pests in Burlington, Ocean, Camden, and Gloucester Counties in NJ. Call on us to inspect your school building and ground to identify potential problem areas. All services are in accordance with your school IPM plan and

state codes.

Our certified and licensed pest control professionals will check for structural and management practices, which may contribute to your pest problems. Our plan of action, spread over a period, includes methods such as garbage and food service area maintenance evaluations, appropriate solid waste management.

It'll take several inspections and visits by our experienced professionals to successfully carry out the IPM program. The same area will be treated for up to 30 days or until you're satisfied.

You need not worry about any health risks to students and the school staff. Our IPM techniques are designed to be safe for humans and the environment.


Guaranteed pest control

Pest control that's safe

Safe removal of wildlife

Wildlife such as squirrels, groundhogs (woodchuck), etc., will be trapped and safely relocated in accordance with the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection Policy for Nuisance Wildlife.